“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”


First entry.  I never really know how to start these things.  Do I pretend like this isn’t the first entry, and I’ve been at this for years?  I also really have to think about how I want to come across.  I don’t want to try too hard, but I also want to be impressive enough that my secret dream of being discovered via Anthony Bourdain’s StumbleUpon and then picked up for my own Travel Channel series could have a sliver of a chance of panning out.  And I certainly don’t want to start on a tangent!


I am currently in the planning/paying/panicking stages of my next journey to Sri Lanka.  I plan to do four weeks working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth and adults, followed by (my dream come true!!!!) four weeks at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (read: cutie patootie giant baby elephants).  Finally, I will finish the trip in silence with a one-week Buddhist meditation retreat.  This is The Dream, folks.  Well, my dream.  Voluntourism at its finest.  Helping people? Check.  Exploring a new country and culture?  Check.  ELEPHANTS?!  UH, CHECK.  Zen wisdom and powerful, Buddhist inner-peace?  Check.

As much as this is The Dream, I am also very aware that there will be plenty of challenges… but I am hungry.  I am ready to be challenged.  I want to step completely out of my comfort zone and push my personal boundaries – be it physical, mental, or emotional.  Every time I get to really thinking about spending over two-months abroad, virtually on my own, I become a bundle of nerves.  I am excited and terrified all at once.  I want to cry and laugh and get all of the annoying middle steps out of the way and just be there.  I can’t believe it is really happening.  I submitted most of the paperwork, and I’ve applied for my Sri Lanka visa.  Here we go…


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