“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”


I am a 20something vagabond hailing from Virginia.

My filipina mother was a travel agent.  My father is English.  I have been traveling for as long as I can remember, but I only learned to appreciate it once I was in college.  After so many years of endless security lines and tiny cans of soda, it never dawned on me that I am lucky to have all of these stamps in my passport; I am lucky to have a passport, period.

Travel has made me who I am.  It’s in my blood.  Now I appreciate every trip and journey as something life-changing, eye-opening, and something precious — something to be treasured and cherished forever.

My insatiable wanderlust has gotten kind of out-of-hand.  Reintegration feels too taxing after some trips.  This is where the blog steps in.  I am going to channel my escapism into something good by re-telling where I have been, where I am going, and everything I have learned in between.  I want to share everything I have seen, smelled, tasted, and heard.  I want you to meet who I met and hear what they have to say.  If I ever seem like I’m bragging, I don’t mean to.  I just get so excited!  I want to share everything with you.

And so… Akwaaba! Bienvenue. Benvenuto. Bienvenido. Mabuhay. Welcome… let the journey begin.


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